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I Wonder I Should Go? Minatsuki no Onago より
I Wonder I Should Go? Minatsuki no Onago より

I Wonder I Should Go?

Now the exhibition of Louvre is taking place at Kyoto Municipal Art Museum & it seems that the day after tomorrow (Oct. 16th) is the last day of this exhibition.
My father loves to go to museums very much and he's asked me to go there together tomorrow to see it a few hours ago.
Mmmm... what should I do? It'll be rain tomorrow, what's more I know well that he'll never hang around the city after seeing the arts of Louvre & he'll go back straight back home. That means there's no amusement. For me, to go sightseeing in temples & shrines is much more enjoyable event compared to arts objects in concrete buildings, because KYOTO! Sigh...


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